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The importance and use of English keeps growing all over the world.  To achieve success in your career as well as in your life, a certain amount of proficiency in English is considered a must.
I do not tell you that learning with our course material alone will help you to speak in English fluently. If learning English with a book was possible then there are a number of good books written by eminent people. Once you join our course  we assure that you will be able to speak in English fluently.


Spoken English is quite different from the kind of English you learnt at school or college. You had learnt more of written English and not spoken English. After completing your school or college education you try hard to complete whatever you say into ‘Perfectly formed Sentences’. All you do is first think in your mother tongue and then try to translate your thoughts in English. Mind you, you can never achieve fluency in English through any other language. Translation is not the right method of learning English.


Next you try to learn by heart. Just imagine, how many millions of language units you will learn and how will you reproduce them at a given time. The question pattern used by the other person will not always be the same. Therefore learning by heart is also not possible.

We have trained many students here and they have all achieved a high degree of fluency in English.


You need someone who is proficient enough to guide you and correct your mistakes. The teachers in this institution are specially trained by me.


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